Health & Sanitary inspector

The Health & Sanitary inspector supervises and is responsible for all other  Environmental knowledge nutritional requirements for men. Identify disease that occurs due to various deficiencies. They will assess disease symptoms, inspect and report various food adulteration and also able to suggest different food preservation techniques for different types of food. They will identify and understand water and its properties and causes of water pollution, summarize water supply system with water treatment in the city/country etc. and also able to assemble plumbing system for conservation of water, develop rainwater harvesting technique. Trainee will able to identify and understand the water purification process and also able to handle the night soil of a city/town while keeping in mind the protection of environment and human safety. They will plan solid waste management system in an area or a small town. Identify air pollution sources and suggest the suitable remedies and also understand global warming, its effects and identify the remedial measure.

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